Welcome to Out-Pace Racing Products, LLC

Out-Pace Racing Products, LLC has been involved in racing and building components for racing for over 18 years.  We have developed a solution for the problem of sticky and seized rod ends that racers have been dealing with for years.  Our innovative system reduces the time it takes to maintain your rod end components, along with a host of other benefits.  View / Download 2016 Product Catalog

The time it takes to clean and re-grease rod ends has been reduced from hours to minutes by the Out-Pace system.  The Out-Pace system works by greasing the rod end from the inside out.  Grease is forced through an orifice that runs through the rod end and around the spherical ball.  The grease then flushes any dirt or contaminants out of the rod end that may have worked its way inside the assembly.  Thus the rod end has been flushed of any dirt, and new grease is in place for lubrication.  There is no more need to remove the rod ends, clean with solvent, reassemble, lubricate and remount on the car.  This entire procedure has been reduced to seconds.

We have done extensive testing and have numerous testimonials from professional racers that swear by Out-Pace Racing Products.  These same racers have increased their rod end life by three and four times the usual life, using regular maintenance practices.


•  It increases rod end lie, which saves in replacement costs.
•  It reduces the time it takes to maintain your rod ends, giving you more time to work on setups.
•  It keeps your car free and more consistent.
•  It keeps rod ends from seizing up and affects the handling characteristics of your car.